Week-long Staycation

Talk about the Dinagyang Festival with all the street dancing and city-wide partying, I guess this human body could not take the squirming microorganisms flying through the air in a jam-packed, obviously crowded event. Just as the winners of the festival was announced, there I was on my bed with a thick blanket and a pile of tissue paper to nurse my running nose. Quite a creative exchange of fun and health, I must say! Boo! 😛


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The Importance of an Online Portfolio

So I checked my domain name registration and what do you know – my personal domain and portfolio got expired and vanished into thin air. 😦 That site served as my online business card and when I inquired about me taking it back because I failed to check the expiration date, *poof* they flashed me with a bill of $300… WHAT?!

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Away From Keyboard: Real Life Happens!

Wow. Good thing the wordpress.com folks did not erase this tiny little domain while I was away. By “away” I meant writing in another site and focusing on income-generating projects. Thank God for passwords and manual account deactivation! LOL With that being said… I’m totally back to blogging here in The Ilongga! 😀 You know, I can’t just leave and disappear at an instant – that’s  because this site has been with me since it’s birth (June 10, 2010) and I just couldn’t let it go. Sentimental-ish, really.

So, how was the last seven months, you ask?


It was incredible!!! *enough said* 😀