LISTA : The Bucket List

Paradise in Villa Igang, Guimaras Island.

I will never know when I will die, or how, or when, or why. But I do know I have the rest of my life to live. So, I guess I want to put up a bucket list – not because I fear for the end, but because I fear dying without doing the things I want to do and achieve. This will be one “hellova” ride! 🙂

Here are my to-do-list-before-I-die! Hahaha! Drum Rolls!

1. Of course, be able to wear a pair of size 24 jeans!

2. Learn how to play the saxophone. – already having lessons!

3. Visit EVERY SINGLE PROVINCE in the Philippines.

4. Own a smashin’ condo unit.

5. Ride a Hot Air Balloon.

6. Go horseback riding – complete with that “cool” attire! – at long last! Blog post link soon.

7. Play lawn tennis.

8. Own and manage a coffee shop.

9. Visit Audrey Hepburn’s grave at Switzerland. – yah, I’m a fan!

10. Run a marathon.

11. Drink Dr. Pepper!Read This!

12. Have an orange fat cat and name him/her “Garfield”

13. Raise funds for Charity.

14. Build a swanky beach house.

15. Travel the rest of the world.

16. Eat exotic food!Read This! and This!

17. Swim with a bunch of dolphins.

18. Learn how to roller blade.

19. Definitely, learn how to cook!Read This!

20. Go camping in the wild.

21. Cliff Diving?!

22. Eat at an Undersea Restaurant

23. Stay at the Ice Hotel.

24. Shave my head.

25. Buy and drive a Bentley car – Mulsanne or Continental

26. Develop a multi-million dollar website (Quite ambitious)

27. Get my name called prior to boarding the plane.

28. Attend a fine dining event.

29. Give a GREAT-LIFE-CHANGING acceptance speech. lol!

30. Hug a baby tiger.

31. Have a picture taken with a kangaroo.

32. Own a modern, minimalistic, house.

33. Buy something at Tiffany’s.

34. Enjoy Amserdam’s night life!

35. Ice skate gracefully.

36. Get interviewed!

37. Have an article published in The Daily Inquirer.

38. Make a gigantic billboard ad.

39. A vacation at Bora bora.

40. Go parasailing. – Read This!

41. Sing “Top of the world” at the peak of a mountain.

42. Create a kickass cheesecake!

43. Get married and have kids! Duh!

44. Teach in a seminar of some sort.

45. Ride a helicopter.

46. Survive a day without eating.Read this!

47. Make a movie clip.

48. Get to design something for a magazine.

49. Zipline or The Plunge!Read this!

50. Taste a dish with caviar.

51. Finish reading the Bible.

52. Own at least 300 pairs of amazing shoes!

53. Have a perfect photo taken on an infinity pool. Read this!

54. Touch a vintage 1920 car.

55. Start crossing out at least 10 things on the list and add 10 more to the current list.

* * *

56. Travel in another country ALONE.

57. Own a horse, cow, or water buffalo.

58. Live in a rural area with Php2000 monthly allowance.

59. Climb Mt. Apo.

60. Learn how to surf.

61. Go to India and visit Vrindavan.

62. Play the song “Still I Love You” with the saxophone.

63. Survive a year without eating beef, chicken, and pork.

64. Grow Narra and Mahogany trees.

65. Be able to cross out 25 things on the list and add 10 more on the current list.

There you have it. Fifty-five Sixty-five things I wish I could do before I take my last breath. Haha! Call me crazy but I love to live my life to the fullest! 🙂 Care to suggest something extraordinary? 🙂


3 thoughts on “LISTA : The Bucket List

  1. Your bucket list is a fun read 🙂

    After reading you prefer minimalist designs, I think I now have to save for your services so I can have my blog revamped lol. How much ba? haha!

  2. Cool! I’ve done a few in your list hehe…
    Me and my friends did a few bucket lists… but we keep losing it or something haha… maybe I’ll have to get down and srsly make a new one and stick to it haha

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