Krispy Kreme is now in Iloilo City!

Finally! No more flying around the Philippines just to get their hot original glazed doughnuts because Krispy Kreme is now here in Iloilo City! Watch out for their opening on the 30th of November 2014 and get a chance to win 1 year supply of their delicious doughnuts and coffee! Located at the upper ground floor of SM City Iloilo, Krispy Kreme will be ready to serve you, fellow Ilonggos! Continue reading “Krispy Kreme is now in Iloilo City!”


Perfectly at Home in Takuri Cafe

Tiring meetings and fantasy “day-dreaming” of the beautiful thriving marine life in a recent island escapade, the day would never be complete without conversations over coffee with new friends. Continue reading “Perfectly at Home in Takuri Cafe”

Breaking Free from the Chains of Monotony

boracay beach - shot 2

I have been dreaming of a lifestyle that is not the usual “climb onto the corporate ladder” kind. I even once wrote an article about my cravings of a very hectic, luxurious, business life that’s all about sacks of money, material things, and owning a Bentley. Maybe I was dreaming too much of grandiosity that I fell short on the “real” things around us. My experiences so far taught me one thing… “Enjoy life!” Continue reading “Breaking Free from the Chains of Monotony”

Balancing The Digital Age


Once upon a time, there exists¬†“reality”¬†– a time synced to being offline for several hours a day. A time to step outside and feel the wind, smell the flowers, hear the birds chip, taste the delicious eggs made by mom for breakfast and see the green, luscious fields. There were no online social networking, no necessary gadgets to “fit in” to society, and no 24/7 internet connection. It’s purely life disconnected from the addicting virtual atmosphere of the world wide web. That was then. Continue reading “Balancing The Digital Age”