Fun Stuff

I am The Ilongga. [pronounced as /ee-long-guh/]

Yes, I know. I was huge! Thank God for running shoes! haha!  Hello there stranger. My name is Regine Camille A. Garia but you can call me DAIDAI (as in DIE-DIE when pronounced). I am 21 22 years young, with a built-in internal reservoir of sarcasm, humor, and over-the-top exaggeration. I was born and raised here in the city of love – Iloilo. Thus, “the ilongga.”

I am a freelance Web Designer and a Traveler. It’s cool and fantastic at the same time! (Ok, big pause before the juicy things start to pour.) I love the beach. I carry a notebook and a pen with me. I love white.

I suck at FILIPINO TALASALITAAN but I know how to converse and practically use the Filipino language. I express myself through writings, pictures, and cartoons. I have an automatic grammar corrector in my brain (though I was never an expert in English!)

I am God-loving. I appreciate simple things and I am very ambitious. My dream car is a 2011 Bentley Mulsanne. I love “business casual” get ups. In case I forget, I’m a Registered Nurse with no plans of “working” as one. I have high respect for minimalism. I transform HTML, CSS, PHP, JQ, and other codes into digital artworks by utilizing functionality of design. 😀

I jump into Graphics, Illustrations, and Prints when bored. I do Sketching and Painting if I’m in the mood. Photography using film. Movie editing if “really” necessary. I enjoy blogging. I love to travel. I love jogging and I am REALLY obsessed about losing weight! I crave for coffee and cheesecakes! – ALWAYS! Treasures handwritten letters. I admire and respect Audrey Hepburn. I own a saxophone but I don’t know how to play it! Jazz music lover. 🙂



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