Boring Stuff

Once upon a time, when the world was not as complicated as today, I was 7 and I thought that “kissing” could actually make women pregnant. I was very young then but I could still remember my daily routine – it was like Hollywood! (technically in a Third-World point of view) haha. By “routine” I meant having those sort-of “auditions” that I thought would help me become a STAR! I was a “struggling” artist – TRUE! But the only thing is… it’s more of a “visual art” path rather than acting or singing (which is quite impossible – duh?!).

So, anyway, I had schedules. I had briefings (from my father/coach) and a short span of time for conceptualization. I had my mindset to IMPRESS THE JUDGES and to win the contest because I wanted to be the best in the Art Industry. Heck, when I was at that age, I loved my hobby and I even dreamt of becoming a Doctor, a Teacher, a Lawyer, a Businesswoman – all! Big Dreams!

My years in gradeschool was focused on WINNING, SUCCESS, and getting grades above 90! It is more of a Competitive Stage for me. Placing 3rd in a competition pushed me to do more than my BEST and to hone my talents expertly. Placing 1st – is a shining moment! 😛 From the use of pencils, to charcoals, to crayons, to pastels, to watercolors, to acrylics, to oils, to mixed-media – I enjoyed every moment I had with these mediums. But it was not enough for me… I dabbled into writing, editorial cartooning, and photojournalism.

Looking back at those glory days, I could really see my passion for art – doing things that I obviously love and enjoy without complaining. Highschool came. More art competitions, more pressure – Local, Regional, National. And being the girl with the title: “the one who’s artwork was a Juror’s Choice in the National Painting Contest” was the world on my shoulders. I was pushed to do better than my BEST everytime! Then, I upgraded my skills to “Digital Art” – Photoshop, Basic Flash Animation, and Amateur Movie Editing.

Time was in HYPERSPEED and little did I know that I was already in college. I personally decided to put a halt in my “art-contest-craze” and pour all of my attention to getting a college degree – and it was a heavy duty course! Nursing should never be underestimated – and I am so glad that despite my “lazy evenings” staring at those three-inch-medical books, I graduated and passed the Licensure Exams. Phew! And in-between my nursing life, I did some freelance Graphic Arts and Web Design. I guess that prepared me to where I currently am. Haha! Talk about my continuing journey with Art! My passion, once again, is FLAMING! 🙂




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