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My Name is Regine Camille Garcia

I’m 23 24 years young. I’m a non-practicing Registered Nurse, a Web and Graphic Designer, and a Frequent Traveler who is living an unconventional life.

I’ve designed websites and graphics for a lot of clients since 2007. I’ve written a lot of travel articles about the Philippines and been recognized as one of 2012′s Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers.

I have been in the web industry since 2004 and have taught myself various web programming languages. I’ve also been one of the pioneers in designing customized themes for (a blogging/e-commerce platform which was unfortunately closed last May 26, 2013).

I don’t have a lot of money and I only own a few things. I don’t have an office job but I do get to travel a lot.

I Believe in Several Things

There is a God.

I’m a Roman Catholic and I believe that God is responsible for everything – from creation to extinction. God is a guiding principle – a basis of how life should be lived and how to spread His word to the people of the world. There is a God out there that is far more greater than human. There exists a perfect, magnanimous creator that only my faith (and that of others) seeks strongly of His presence.


Everyone is Equal.

Religion, Nationality, Gender, Sexual orientation, Race, Age, and other categories does not matter to me. I believe that all of us are made equal despite our differences. We are all human beings living in the same planet.

Living Simply.

Life is not a race towards the “Rich and Famous.” It is the least of my concerns. Living simply is something that I would want to exemplify. Living simply is stripping out the non-ideal things that it constitutes and leaving only the bare essentials. Life is never about comparing what you have and what you don’t have. It’s about standing true to yourself and to others.

Never-ending Education.

Learning does not end in College nor in any University. Learning still continues anytime and anywhere. I believe in constant re-evaluation of yourself in search for bettering you as a person, as a human being. Curiosity is all there is to it.

Exercising Humility.

This is one of the most difficult things in life. I believe that humility can be practiced and exercised. Humility – lowliness and submissiveness. Recognizing virtues and talents that others possess, particularly those that surpass one’s own, and giving due honor and, when required, obedience.

Greater Opportunities.

Everything is provided for everyone and the only thing that separates success and failure is recognizing it. I believe that opportunities flash itself in many different ways and all you have to do is to decide whether to get it or not. If there are good, and better opportunities, there are always greater ones up ahead. All it needs is to be recognized.


Nothing in this life is perfect except for God. Imperfection is what makes every single person unique from one another. Being imperfect keeps the ball running. Imperfection motivates us to strive to be better than our yesterday selves. It is only being imperfect that we see clearly the very reason of our existence – the mission to develop, to be good, to be constantly changing.



All the negative things in life can be countered by a substantial amount of optimism. It has been my practice to always allow myself to choose the positive side of life. Happiness and Joy. Negativity boxes me to darkness. Being optimistic about life releases me from the chains of depression. It is a great thing to be living a life of smiles and a perky, problem-free outlook.

Breaking Free.

I break free when I get to travel and experience the life and culture of different people. The beauty of the world could not be described in a book nor captured fully in a photo. The beauty of the world; of God’s marvelous creation can only be described by you – the feeling, the smell, the view, the sound, and the taste in several perspectives. Experiencing it first-hand is absolutely breaking free. It’s freedom. That is the only thing people could not take away from you – that life experience.

In Depth Author Info

Early Development

I was born and raised well in Iloilo City, Philippines. As a child, I had a bad case of Asthma so I had my steroids with me all the time. It’s not easy to feel like it’s you’re last breath every moment the asthma attacks. It has been a real struggle for life.

The clearest memory of my childhood was when my parents took me to Manila and we had to fly from the Visayas to Luzon via an airplane. It was too memorable because I fancied the clouds too much up to the point that I wanted to touch it. To me, at that age, they look like gigantic cotton balls suspended on air.

early childhood

At age 7, I was obsessed with pencils, crayons, watercolors, and poster paint. Not so long after being exposed to the different mediums, I entered my first art competition and won first place. That was probably the highlight of my childhood – I discovered my passion for art.

Teenage Years

My Grade School and High School memories were all in the same school. My Alma Mater that taught me the spirit of MAGIS and to do all things “Ad Majorem dei Gloriam” (for the Greater Glory of God) – Santa Maria Catholic School, now, Ateneo de Iloilo.

It was so clear to me that all I ever wanted was to make use of my hands and make something creative. I joined in several art competitions every time one pops up and I never failed to rake in certificates, plaques, trophies, and medals. God was indeed generous to bless me with such a talent that landed me in several newspaper clippings after I won that iconic National Painting Award as a Juror’s Choice.

I further developed my talent by immersing myself in clay sculpting, which my family was very lucky to have a company that enables me to play with raw materials at such a young age. I was blessed to have such talent and I joined in editorial cartooning and photojournalism seminars conducted by our High School. I took a lot of interest in journalism and every bit of it.


My future was still unclear despite the obvious talent and skills. I always wanted to be a Doctor, a Teacher, a Lawyer, and a Business Woman. Those were my big dreams then.

College Life 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I was accepted by the best and top-performing Nursing school in the whole Philippines, St. Paul University Iloilo. I was unsure of my decision to pursue a college degree that I was never passionate about, but reality spoke to me. It was not “practical” to give up the opportunities abroad as a Nurse. The mindset of earning BIG outside the Philippines sunk into me and I gave the course a shot.

Instead of dealing with paintbrushes and canvases (like what I have always done), I dealt with real patients during my university life. I witnessed life and death in extreme cases. The life in Nursing was not a joke. I could still remember banging my head onto the three-inch medical books that we have because I could no longer memorize the names of medications and their classifications. The pressure was exhausting.

Behind all of the medical training of saving lives and ensuring patients absolute comfort, I was tickling my creativity with web and graphic design and also movie editing. On my spare time, I would teach myself how to hard-code and make digital designs live in websites. It was the language that I loved doing. Four years in college and I was working hard to earn money from freelancing.

I managed to get my designs out in the internet, even in national and international newspapers despite our hectic schedules. I built a great foundation of clientele that helped me through referrals. It was a very fulfilling “side-line” I ever had while in college.

Months of “crazy working evenings” and “nursing 101 classes,” I happily graduated and passed the Nursing Licensure Board Exam. I was absolutely done with Nursing!


Post Graduation

Most of my friends went on pursuing Nursing as a career and started with their lives as full-fledged “Life Savers.” I was back to my state of being a confused girl. It was a difficult transition from a passionate visual artist to a Nurse and my body instantly rejected the idea of me working in hospitals and pursuing a career path in Nursing. “That’s not me.”

I gave myself time to think about what I wanted in life and I used up all of my money saved back in college (from my design jobs) to travel around the Philippines. Being inspired from all the greatness in travel and the experiences I had with the people and the places I have been to, I started a blog called Between Coordinates.

It is through traveling that I got to know myself better and I fell in love with it. I began doodling and painting again during and after my trips. I experienced life at a slower pace and I talked to God most of the time. I felt that freedom when I gaze upon the azure mountains or the lush, green, forests. Traveling alone (or with newly found friends) is a good kind of solitude.

These unforgettable experiences taught me deep life-lessons that I share to everyone. It is in travel that made me realize the value of life. I learned how to live simply and to be kind to other people. I was transported into a portal of new opportunities – fishing, local agriculture, coconut oil production, crop harvests, and farming.

There are far more greater things learned outside the four corners of any urbanized setting. I am curious about the world around me. My eyes were undeniably opened so wide after college that I seek for more “world” and less material things for myself. It was truly a turning point.

The Next Big Thing

On Art

When I was young, I wanted to hold an art exhibit in a cool studio. I am hoping for that moment to showcase my talent and skills to the world (or maybe just in Iloilo). My previous works of art are carefully kept just in case that moment will come. Other than that, I’ll keep on making artworks during “eureka” moments. I may join art competitions again.

On Web and Graphic Design

Currently, I am planning to save up for a degree in this field. Web and Graphic Design will never be cleansed out from my system and I will still continue to make designs for the people who need them. I am very passionate with every project and it lights me up every time a client is satisfied with the work that I have done. A degree will certainly make this better (hopefully) and expand my creative expertise.

On Travel

I am hopeful to finish traveling around the 80 now 81 provinces of the Philippine Archipelago before setting foot in any country outside of it. This is one of my life-goals now. The “world exploration” will just follow if God will allow it. Stay tuned in my blog for more updates.

Joyful Jump after Ziplining

On Life in General

There are times that I forgot to focus on others. I turned my life around and my attention will be on the people. It’s now the moment to give back and help the ones in need. I am currently working on projects that will benefit kids who could not afford to go to school and as well as offering free health assessment and teachings to the people in remote communities that I get to visit. That’s the least I could do with a formal background in Nursing.

Twenty-four years of life lessons and I am on my way to learning much more.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading this lengthy About page. I do hope I made a difference in your outlook in life now than a few minutes ago. Even just a little difference.