Perfectly at Home in Takuri Cafe

Tiring meetings and fantasy “day-dreaming” of the beautiful thriving marine life in a recent island escapade, the day would never be complete without conversations over coffee with new friends.

I have been curious about this “Takuri Cafe” ever since I overheard it from my dad’s conversation on the phone a week ago. Of course, as a sucker for coffee and pastries, I could not get it out of my head. Little did I know that it recently opened and it is owned and managed by his friend, Tita Daisy.

During my long meeting yesterday, I was simply thirsting for coffee all afternoon and it was such a pleasure receiving a message from a friend, Doc Banggi (the gal behind The Travelling Lens), saying that she’s in Takuri Cafe. All of a sudden, everything was out of focus as I just want to get in a cab, go to the cafe, and fulfill my desire to have a sip of coffee and laugh and de-stress.

When I arrived together with Doc Rhunz, a new friend I met during the #TeamBanggi Medical Missions conducted this year, we were welcomed with a warm smile from the beautiful Tita Daisy. And on the counter, we could not stop ourselves from staring at the newly baked Maja Blanca on the corner. She beamed us with her smile and told us to pull up a chair.

takuri cafe
A quick doodle of Tita Daisy and the food that we ate that night.

“Tita, I desperately need coffee please!” I said to her while settling down.

And so, the laugh-fest and conversations galore began after that first sip of hot delicious Malaysian coffee, coupled with several nibbles on the soft Maja Blanca – everything was Mmmmm…

Our dinner was served and our conversations had no end, jumping from one interesting topic to another, we simply chewed our food, listened, laughed, cried, and felt really comfortable in a place that nevertheless felt like home.

I now found a new cozy place to just chill and relax on a restless weekday. 🙂

If you find yourself in Takuri Cafe (along Cuartero, Jaro, Iloilo), don’t forget to order their delectable Chicken Satay in Peanut Sauce, Green Veggies in Vietnamese Rice Paper with Sesame Roasted Sauce, and of course, if you are a coffee fanatic like me, get their brewed Malaysian coffee and pair it with a sweet treat of your choice!

You may contact them at 0919 239 6303.

* Yummy photos courtesy of Takuri Cafe’s Official Facebook Page


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