Breaking Free from the Chains of Monotony

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I have been dreaming of a lifestyle that is not the usual “climb onto the corporate ladder” kind. I even once wrote an article about my cravings of a very hectic, luxurious, business life that’s all about sacks of money, material things, and owning a Bentley. Maybe I was dreaming too much of grandiosity that I fell short on the “real” things around us. My experiences so far taught me one thing… “Enjoy life!”

Yes, it may sound too cliche, but it’s really true. If we won’t enjoy our lives, we are just wasting our precious time moping around and waiting for God to drench us with “happiness pills.” Kidding aside. It’s up to us to develop a plan that could hold all of our goals in life, serve as a framework that could guide us in our daily decision-making, and remind us of how our one chance of existing should be lived.

There’s no definite way of living. It is actually a gigantic freedom given to every person to choose their own way, their own lifestyle, their own religion, their own decisions. The ultimate freedom that we all know we certainly have.

On the Freedom Lifestyle

Building my lifestyle was is not easy. Emphasis on the “not easy” part. Even until now, I am still silently shaking my knees on the gruesome possibility of being broke and begging in the streets when time passes. It is one scary life decision I made entirely for myself – detaching from the opportunities of steady stream incomes and throwing away the four years of college education that was meant to shoot me to greener pastures abroad.

The Ilongga

What I’m left with (now) are dreams and passions that are slowly being ignited to follow the yellow brick road that I created for myself. I know that traveling the world is a long shot but it does not stop me from dreaming big.

Freedom to work and travel are two risks I bravely took and I expect myself to be dirt-poor anytime soon. Although, I would appreciate it if it would never happen. Point is, I am inexcusably accountable for the choices and sacrifices that I made. The downside of engaging in a freedom lifestyle: No safety nets and definitely no fall backs.

The Adjustment

Two years of carving the foundations of my “Freedom Lifestyle,” traveling became something I was looking forward to every time. It became the “constant” including my enjoyable work in the Design industry, accompanied by the many projects I am doing for the benefit of my fellow Filipinos.

Everything seems to fall into its place: Flexible working hours, remote working stations, and that itch to travel. If you were reading my realizations in Between Coordinates, you’ll know what I’m talking about. (The following are related articles:ย Reaching for the Moon, Live your Life Now, Time is Luxury, Money is Nothing)

To Enjoy Life is Living Life

Being a stranger to the fast-paced world of fatty incomes, social status defining jobs, and stereotyping parents, I managed to throw those thoughts away and began to make supported decisions as an individual exercising freedom. Everyday is an adventure for me. Whether taking care of my grandmother (Read: A Good Kind of Solitude) or flying through the air, all I know is that “I love every moment of my life.”


Every place that I stepped on, every mode of transportation that I have tried, every local I have met, every problem I have faced, every good deed that I made, every child that I smiled at, every new experience I braved myself onto, every lesson I have learned, every story I have told – they are all part of life. Not just mine but also yours.

Nothing in this Earth could ever stop anybody from dreaming except yourself. Let that dream die, and you’ll think of other ways to make use of your one shot of life. So, are you ready to break free from the chains of monotony? Get out and live a little. By all means necessary, enjoy life! ๐Ÿ™‚



10 thoughts on “Breaking Free from the Chains of Monotony

  1. Haha. I totally understand what you mean by that “corporate ladder”. I’m glad you’re living the life you want.

  2. Okay, you’re page made me laugh, the pig nose, the coffee (Gotta have coffee!!) – but this is simply inspiring! You have an amazing appreciation and outlook on life. I wish you all the best on your adventures and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insights with everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey melody! I like the pig nose – it gives away my personality at an instant ๐Ÿ˜€

      My life is really topsy-turvy and I always write about the significant events that I think can covey a very simple message.

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m now following you. Great work!

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