Week-long Staycation

Talk about the Dinagyang Festival with all the street dancing and city-wide partying, I guess this human body could not take the squirming microorganisms flying through the air in a jam-packed, obviously crowded event. Just as the winners of the festival was announced, there I was on my bed with a thick blanket and a pile of tissue paper to nurse my running nose. Quite a creative exchange of fun and health, I must say! Boo! 😛


So, a glimpse of my “reality” – Dinagyang Festival dancers (not including me) 🙂

In as much as I would like to expound the who, what, when, where, how, and why of this festival, I may make a separate post about it in my travel site. But to generalize everything, it’s a local (religious) culture and tradition celebrating the arrival of the Santo Niño from Cebu and the settlement of the native people known as “atis” in the area. 🙂 So many years had passed and this celebration draws a lot of people all over the country and probably the world to witness the event. Well, you can say I am one of the lucky few who is feeling “awesome” that we live in a city that celebrates that huge event. 🙂

From the Streets to the Infirmary

As I have said, when a lot of people flock together to witness the event, looking like this:


I’m talking about “shoulder-to-shoulder” body rubbing. Haha!

Then, I suppose getting sick is part of the equation. Imagine a day of fun and enthusiasm and a week-long recovery period.

I haven’t even gone out of my room to feel the sun. That’s how sick I was – lol! Of course, there were some moments that I enjoyed the bed-ridden life of just watching TV the whole day, with re-runs of the American Idol and some other new Drama series, especially my favorite Revenge (Season 2) Preview. 😀 Ahh the perks of being sick. 😛

Not to mention all the attention I got when I was suffering from my acute pharyngitis and recurring rise and fall of my body temperature. Fruits and everything (for the sick) things were given, messages of “Get well soon” was indeed heart-warming, and who could ever burst your bubble at the peak of your sickness climax? The Clients. 🙂

I set aside my projects. I could not even believe my clients miss me (well, not actually). 😀 So I simply told them that I was still sick and unable to do their projects and that we should move the deadline a bit further and that I’m sorry. Done deal… Hours turned Days and Days turned into a WEEK – projects piled on my desk and now I am facing a lot of pressure. haha

Who knew having all of these things in a week were a mixture of fun, depression, and surprises?! Back to work then! 🙂


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