Work, Travel, and Brain Pukes

Negros Occidental

It has been a month-long hiatus. Phew – as if I did anything out of the usual, right? Nope, still the same – work, eat, obsess about losing weight, work, work, and work while traveling. 😉 Hahaha! You get the picture. After establishing two websites, I came to the conclusion that “Oh my, I still need a place to dump all of my BRAIN PUKES and not be too serious all the time.” That’s why I’ll be making this my official puke-bin of sarcasms, rants, and what’s going on around this pseudo-complicated life of mine. hahaha! 😀 Glad I’m back blogging again, aren’t you? lol


I had some drawbacks. I own a travel blog now. It’s called Between Coordinates. I’ve been posting there a lot about what I did in places I have been to and what are my plans for the next trip etc. Basically, it’s all about travel – duh?! 🙂 Aside from the travel blog, I was also “chasing” my deadlines – web works and design jobs. I got calls at 3pm to finish a tarpaulin design to be printed at 5pm. Yes. I was quite stressed. (Typing this is not stress, though.) lol!


I sound so dumb asking on your behalf and then answering back. That’s just me. Here’s what I have to say, EXPECT SOME RIDICULOUS POSTS and also some RANDOM THOUGHTS. 🙂

Like the new site design? 🙂


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