De-stressing Through The Rain

8am of this day: 36 hours of no sleep, stressed about the “port:21” issue of my website database, tired, sunken eyes, and simply put, “look like crap.” This is me. Duh? 🙂 haha. I went out of my room to get a hot cup of milk to help me sleep then I heard the “hard” hit of thick rain outside. I opened the front door, removed my jacket, and stepped out – felt the cool raindrops falling on my face. Surreal moment. 8)

I sure wish I look like this when I did my “rain bath” today LOL 🙂

Minutes later, I was soaking wet – I bet I was even near hypothermia! 🙂 Now, that’s how I categorize “de-stressing” in a higher level. I played through the rain, took a shower, got dry, and had a better sleep. I should do that more often. LOL! Let’s just hope the next rain will not be the infamous “acid rain” hahaha. Ciao!


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