Still Fat-tastic!


Yesterday, I said “I am still too fat,” and the people around me replied “No, you’re not. You’re OK.” I don’t know if they are right or if I am overexaggerating. The point is, if I could feel these hideous clumps of adipose around my belly, I may definitely conclude that I have some “work” to do. Believe me, it has been a month full of exercise and a month full of “I want to try that because it looks delicious!” then end up with three slices of perfectly baked “cookies n’ cream with banana” cake! What are the odds of weight loss? None! haha!

coke love

Of course I also had some temptations little sip of Coca-cola to quench my thirst – cooling off from the heat of the summery sun! 🙂 Well, it’s the battle between gaining weight and losing some. Probably more on the gaining degree, as I might add. Oops! 🙂

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new month and I promise to myself that all of the EAT THAT FOOD commotion in my brain will be completely eliminated. This will be my personal challenge: Lose more weight! haha Summer will be ending soon and my dream of wearing a bikini will truly vanish into thin air if I will not make a change. I desperately need to step up my game this time. 🙂 Oh. And, No. I am not anorexic. Hahaha! Ciao!


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