Thoughts on Being a Guest Speaker

Well, today I “surprisingly” found myself attending the “CSI Nights” event of the I love Iloilo team by Gawad Kalinga – I was listening to three amazing speakers and let’s just say I got inspired of what they were discussing. After the forum and the little chit-chats, I came across a college friend, Tracy. Yeah. Small city! šŸ™‚ So I said “Hi.” – technically I said her name… then for a brief moment, I disappeared like a pro ninja!


Some children in Cauayan, Negros. – “Do I inspire you, kids?” hahaha!

That was that. A few minutes ago, we exchanged messages in facebook – like “normal” human beings would do if a conversation was cut short due to some “unknown” reasons like what had happened earlier… haha! Of course, I said “Nice to see you!” Then there came a point that she joked about me being the next window speaker… What?! And then my silly brain said to her:

“What could I possibly share to these people? Hi?! I am a crappy unemployed nurse who pursued a web designing career with high hopes of earning more in order to travel the world?” – I don’t think the audience will be inspired of what I am trying to say. Seriously? šŸ˜› Maybe they would want to hear me sarcastically say “Hi everyone! I am Regine. I was actually a model but then I grew shorter and fatter so here I am standing in front of you – I hope this qualifies as an inspirational speech!” Hahaha! Then I expect everybody to throw uncooked and unpeeled potatoes at me! Thankfully this is just my “imagination.” šŸ˜›

But seriously. If I will be a guest speaker someday, I would probably say “Hey there. If you really want to be successful, I suggest you follow what you really desire. If you don’t like what you are doing now… stop it! There’s always room for more. Who knows, maybe the next one will be something even better! It is always about that “flaming” passion. Keep it burning.” – Then people will be applauding and wishing it was them giving that speech the next time around. Hahaha! šŸ™‚ Oh well. These are just my thoughts. Ciao!


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