“Masterchef Quality” Breakfast

Bon Appétit!

You are probably wondering how I made a “Masterchef Quality” Breakfast for my father this morning, ei? That’s easy! I mean kids do it all the time when I watch reruns of the show and amazingly at that age they really know how to use knives and the art of garnishing. If they can do it, so can I – that’s what really started my morning (a dream about a cooking show). Haha!

Normally, I have crackers and good smelling coffee for breakfast. But today – everything changed because I was super inspired! Around 6am, I was cranking up the kitchen for a big surprise. I was probably suffering from delusional grandiosity at that point – who cares? I will cook the best breakfast ever!!! (emphasis on the “ever” to be pronounced as “evaaaaaaaaaaaaah”) Who else would want to be the judge? Definitely my father!

I prepared myself for the early morning challenge: meditation, ingredients, utensils, power apron, mood music, and some amazing seasoning! I was ready to start my day with a bang! Walking around to and fro like Rachel Ray, pretending to be Martha Stewart, and maybe some added cooking  skills from Mario Batali – I was like the newest Food Network Celebrity Host (Oh Yeah!) Well, we just have to eliminate the audience, the stage lights, and the stylish wardrobe since I was in my “just-got-up-look.” 😉

That would have been amazing! The only problem is… I don’t have that much talent. A sunny side up egg is a simple dish with two things to remember: 1) Crack the egg and 2) Cook it – That being said, instead of the beautifully garnished reference photo above, I have this to brag about! Ooops!

I guess I need more practice! Hahahaha!

Masterchef Quality is not really about what the egg looks like. It’s still an egg. Masterchef Quality is about my dedication to give my dad a decent breakfast (it’s actually a good reason not to be hated for being such a con-artist placing something assuming on this blog’s title). A breakfast full of love and well, oil. Haha! I tried, though. Glad that’s over. Bucket List #19 is off the record! 🙂 Ciao!


4 thoughts on ““Masterchef Quality” Breakfast

  1. hahaha…mapati na ko tani ba…hehehe…as in when I saw the first pic I said “whoa!”…then yun nga the revelation next…wehehehe…yeah, you need practice…hahaha…I know you can do picture 1 someday soon…knowing you, it will be very soon…your masterchef skill is just waiting to bloom…yum! yum! yum!…hehehe…;-)

    1. Haha!!! I’d like the thought of my “temporary” delusional grandiosity. Lol! I stay away from the kitchen most of the time — to avoid eating too much. hahaha Conscious na gid sa weight gain LOL

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