Hate Message all the way from Aisha’s Scrapyard!

You can’t actually predict anything. I guess HATE messages or just purely LOVE messages are worth reading – despite how teary-eyed you’ll get. Recently, I found myself reading a WordPress.com blogger whom I got to know as Aisha. She’s really funny and quirky too. That being said, I was even surprised when she decided to mention me in her blogs a couple of times. But this one was very sad... SHE HATES ME! hahaha 🙂 kidding!

I simply hate her.

You thought I loved you??? Nah, I hate you because your blogs have completely hypnotized me :) . There is never a time when I get an email alert of your new post and I can ignore it. But nooooooooooooooooooo. I have to leave all my work, everything that I am doing and click on that evil “Read More” button in my email so that I can read your blog :(

People who do not know her, she is an amazing, fun loving and creative person. Her blogs represent the same fun and energy that she has. Reading her blogs will never ever bore you. Rather, no matter what mood you are in, her words are gonna make you smile.

– Aisha

Thank you Aisha! I know you hate me and I have a lot of reasons for you to hate me more. 🙂 Keep cheering up your readers! FYI I chuckle a lot too when I get to read your out-of-this-world articles. I think we are both on the same ground. Here’s to us! Ciao! 😀 85th POST! YEAH!


2 thoughts on “Hate Message all the way from Aisha’s Scrapyard!

  1. I am starting to believe in Karma 🙂

    Thank you so much for this blog. Wait…. Is that a sugar coated knife in your hand for our hatred 😛 😛 😛

    I do love your blogs so you deserved to be there. And thanks for this one. Its made my day ( night actually) but I am going to read this blog tomorrow morning again 😀 so that my day will be made again. lol

    Stay blessed and happy.

  2. hahaha…same here on the aspect that I can’t miss reading your blogs especially when I see my notifications show that you have written something…I just have to find out what you have written about this time…hehehe…keep going daidai ko!…;-)

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