I was This Close To Digging my Eyes Out

It has been weeks since I last posted something here – and I felt like tiny spiderwebs are already being spun around this site. The horror it must have been for you! Haha! Anyway, I was caught up with one job and I was pretty much married to it – not because it was “fun to do” but because I could not solve something that should have been done light-years ago. The simple fact is that: I did not understand what I was doing so I went all crazy!

CRAZY: My health was compromised – I had an irregular sleeping pattern and my body clock was all over the place. I ate half a sandwich in a day and I was completely out of my mind – less eating, less activities, less water too. I had several blank moments when I was staring on the screen and I had a time that I could not barely get out from my bed. I thought I lost it! 😛

I was a complete mess. So, yesterday I decided that everything should stop! Like, literally. I slapped myself twice and made a concrete plan. I have to make sure that my body clock is not lost in a Canadian time zone! – Else, I will be acting this way forever. I adjusted and I extended my wake hours to induce myself to sleep around 9 in the evening. Those “awake hours” were grueling and my eyes were hurting pretty bad! It is like being sucked up by a vacuum leaving my eyeballs completely red and dry!

One 12-hour sleep later: I’m back to a 5am – 9pm sleep schedule! Hooray. Funny thing is, I went to all these crazy talk just to have a “normal” pattern of well-deserved sleep. It’s great to be back blogging again! 🙂 Check out my latest project! Learn about Project 730. Ciao!


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