What a Normal Web Designer Does

This week I got a lot of calls from my clients regarding their design requests and mock-ups. Oooh! My phones were constantly ringing and in every call, I would to take that “deep breath” just to have the courage to talk to them. haha! The best thing about my job is that I could use my creativity to construct websites for those who are aiming to set up their company’s web presence. Well, online presence is a “must-have” nowadays. The bad thing is – deadlines! Boooooo! 😛

Let me walk you through my “web designer” life because I rarely talk about it (well, there’s nothing much to talk about anyway) haha!

This is what every single client expects me to be. Dedicated, creative, serious, passionate, and always inspired. I embody all of these, don’t worry. I’m serious… at times when at work – you know…

I do a lot of these so that I could have money to pay for my daily expenses. – and to save up for a car! Basically making drafts, then sending them, then having them approved, then begins the actual coding, and voila! A great site! Easy breezy.

But somehow, when I get tired (who doesn’t?), I would go for a walk, or have coffee, or maybe eat some corn, try anything stupid on my hair, play with my pen, drink… well, looking like this for several hours… days… maybe weeks? 🙂

Nope. I’m not procrastinating. Or maybe I am – but in a good way. I believe this is my regular routine to keep those creative juices pumping. If not, then my clients would end up having a rainbow-looking website. haha!

After doing everything to calm me and to get me hyped up for another “carefully-crafted” web designI end up with a stack of deadlines to beat!

This is the life! Ho-ho-ho! Who’s got the last laugh now?! Ciao! 🙂


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