Wednesdays at Le Reve

Valentine’s Day was so yesterday! Boo! We had a spontaneous “Post Valentine’s Day” celebration at Le Reve Deli and Cafe a few days ago. I was with my friend, Jed, now tagged as my “Food Buddy” since we really enjoy playing the role of “Amateur Food Critics.” The both of us enjoyed each other’s company, despite being “single” and “unattached” as of the moment. Haha! Why not? At least we could talk to one anothernot all alone in the corner of our rooms trying to have a conversation with the mirror for it to look like we’re having one! 🙂

Food Buddies.

When I mentioned in my last blog that “I’ll be back to try everything on their menu” – I meant it. Now, we really prepared for a huge fiesta in our stomachs! First up was their Le Reve Cappuccino (you should try one for yourself because it is quite heavenly!) and some pastries too. We got their Decadent Chocolate Cake and my favorite, Death by Chocolate! So much for the accumulated calories in these dynamic duo! Who cares? – Well, I do. Oops. Diet. haha!

Cappuccino with a kick of “nuttiness” – you don’t even need to add brown sugar because it is perfectly blended as it is. The heart-shaped chocolate syrup drizzle added their signature touch.

Decadent Chocolate Cake. Yes. A slob of chocolate goodness (layer after layer) – a fair share for those who doesn’t really seem to enjoy very sweet treats. This is the one for you!

Death by Chocolate. The name surely did justice to it. Sweet, chunky, chocolatey, and oh-so-full of surprises. We we’re curious as to where the marshmallows came from. But anyway… that’s the least of our priorities because it was full of goodness! My favorite!

After the first round, we then decided to have the next. We ordered their “Aglio Olio” pasta and the only “Burger” dish on their menu. Let the digestion process have it’s second batch! Complimentary red tea drinks were given as their “Valentine’s Day Promo” treat for us. Hoooray!

Aglio Olio is a sort-of popular “Italian” dish throbbing with enchanting flavors. A combination of anchovies, red pepper flakes, garlic, probably olive oil, parseley, and parmesean cheese on top of al dente spaghetti. (This made me hungry again) Yummy! 😛

I’m a huge fan of burgers served “American deli-style” – you know? Like burgers, greasy fries and a huge cola on the side. Haha! Well, I enjoyed our burger as well! Very meaty, well-balanced flavors, cheesy, and popping with “chunkiness” – the fries adds that deli feel that I’m looking for!

This is the first time that I have been “wowed” by a small coffee shop. Their food really raised the standards! We would like to thank the friendly staff who had helped us with our “ordering skills” — because honestly we wanted to try everything. Well, that is another reason to go back and have some more of their promising, delicious, and gastronomic food and coffee! Bravo Le Reve! Ciao! 🙂

PS. Thank You for this cute Valentine’s Day teddy bear you gave us! Jed looks “awkwardly” happy with it! LOL! 🙂


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