A Romantic Date with Coffee House Beanery Iloilo

Alongside the corner of Quezon-Ledesma St., stands a small coffee place perfect for an afternoon search of inspiration. This “barely noticeable” coffee haven is my favorite spot to get a dose of caffeine and a little extra kick of motivation as well. After a tiring morning, this is in fact a fantastic escape from all the daily life drama we I seem to have. A comfortable seat near the glass window, overlooking the busy street, will really make you feel as if time (at your own pace) is relatively slowing down.

As I wait for my order of cold Cappuccino Frappe and baked chocolate-overloaded brownies, I began fancying the different quotes written creatively on the mirror above the couch. Adjacent to it were framed “mini-artworks” with motivational statements that I surely adore. This place is certainly giving me all of it’s love – warm ambiance, art in every angle, and not to mention a delicious menu. 😀

My creative fuel. 

Strangers outside we’re passing by. Probably they might have wondered why I was all alone in a coffee shop… Probably they we’re thinking as to why I am carrying that face of happiness, joy, and contentment despite being there as the only customer. They would never know.

I was inspired, motivated, and inlove! Cheers to the wonderful couple – Life and Love! Happy Valentine’s Day! Indeed a special day to cherish one another! Ciao! 🙂


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