Coffee Keeps Me Alive During “Hell Weeks”

Literally keeping me alive! 🙂

Whether being stuck with a mountain of design jobs or a simple case of “I feel so darn sleepy,” coffee really helps! Need I say more? I’ve been bombarded with “responsibilities” this week and not to mention the earthquake that hit us last Monday! – I am in dire need of caffeine in my system right now just to compensate for everything that is happening. Lol!

Managing different websites and at the same time working on new templates for “non-tech-savvy” people to get their hands on is truly time-consuming and practically fun (for me, that is!). Sometimes I get drained with all of the drama – the calls from clients, errands that needed to be done ASAP, demands, “social responsibilities” (you know, those sort of things). One strong coffee could actually do the trick!Not that I substitute that with water, though. Haha!

There’s something in coffee that gives me that “kick” and “drive” to move on. Oh well. Back to the design and codes. This post sucks anyway! haha! Ciao! 🙂 TGIF!!!


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