Exercising Up A Notch : Guns, Hills, and Boats

Sometimes taking a break from your regular routine of exercise would be such a relief. This gives you a lot of opportunities to venture to other things like relaxation or perhaps a higher form of applied physics? haha! I’m talking about doing something different aside from running around your place, or your visits to the gym, or even swimming. I’m talking about an adventure (taking things to another level) – a test of your endurance and a new environment to get yourself acquainted to. 😀

Paintball at Guimaras Adventure Park with highschool buddies!

Playing around with compressed-air-powered-guns and balls filled with non-toxic paint is a fun way to get your adrenaline pumping. It is equivalent to your normal time of exercising – but what is different is the “fun” that you’ll be having together with your friends. lol. Isn’t that awesome?! Paintball – you load up your gun, run around in order not to be shot, hide behind a tree (kind of like those tactics you clearly see on action movies), aim at your target, and shoot! You’ll be sweating in no time!

What goes up eventually must come down. This is the art of Rappelling!

Wall climbing is one of my favorites in terms of testing stamina and endurance. You get to be several meters above the ground! How cool is that?! You are all geared-up, safety ropes ready, and all powdered-up to avoid slipping. This takes much leg power to push you to go upwards – relying mostly on your arms to pull yourself will result to impeccable muscle strain I would know! I was unable to move my arms for several days! 😦 haha! It is fun to be on top and it is more fun when going down! Oh Yeah! 🙂 How’s that for exercise and adventure all rolled into one!?

If you spent too much time swimming, I bet you want to be near the water, still? No problem. How about getting yourself a small boat and do some paddling to carve those biceps and triceps? Nice idea, right?! Plus you get to be on water! haha. Or maybe kayaking or do white water rafting instead (which I would love to try soon!). I think that if you are “enjoying” rather than calling it “a regular exercise” it might probably add some more flair. Plus the fact that it is out of the ordinary. It will really spike things up! 🙂

Boating at Cauayan, Negros Occidental.

I just love exploring my options. Of course, I would love to try other “new” things aside from these. Ooh. Now I am dreaming of para-sailing and bike-riding up and down a mountain – That would be so amazing! What have you done to push yourself to the limits? 🙂 Ciao!


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