Oh No! Fat Girl Singing!

Talentadong Sittizens. The Ilongga in the middle. Wooah!

Several pounds heavier, a few waistline inches larger, and equally distributed adipose tissues all over the body – in short, two “obviously-I-was-very-fat” years ago, I joined a talent contest. OMFG! Nothing big like that of the American Idol (Thank goodness!). It was more of a social gathering among the people who admire Sitti and bossa nova – The Sittizens. It was the first (and maybe the last) 2010 Sittilympics that was held at Batis Aramin, Lucban, Quezon in the month of May.

Sitti dancing to the beat after the awarding ceremony of the 2010 Sittilympics. 🙂

Browsing through two-year-old photos, I saw my undesirable self way way back – and to think I had the guts of singing Patty Austin’s “In My Life” in front of everybody like I was a big bar of frozen butter waiting to be melted with shame. haha! I don’t normally sing in front of an audience – it is only during “karaoke nights” that I am quite comfortable with my voice and including my “alone time” in the shower. haha! The rest, I was a complete mess. 😛

Group picture of the Green team!

To cut the story short, I was crappy when I performed. Yeah. Two “fugly” years ago I was epic – to think the judge of the competition was the singer herself! Hahaha! Boy, I could really remember that humiliating experienceforgetting the lyrics is equally as bad as being off your pitch. That was indeed something to remember. And yes, I suck. hahaha! Good thing I was not laughed at when I ate the words during the performance. That would have been funnier. 🙂 Ciao!


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