Casa Verde Cebu: Lapsing In A Food Coma

Being in a different place aside from Iloilo City gives me a huge flash of green light which urges me to tell myself to “Stop all that diet crap and just eat that darn delicious slab of food!” Which occasionally is a rivalry between “gluttony” and “conscience” – in either way, gluttony is fairly my game! Welcome to my Cebu City food adventure – where the term “Food Coma” runs into existence. lol! 🙂

Taking a slow-speed shot at the corner of Mango St., Cebu City 🙂 Look! Green Light!

Grilled Ribs and Steaks are not new to my tastebuds anymore. It’s because every week (during college) we usually feast huge servings of these from my friend, Juan’s family business, Uncle Tom’s – which is a fantastic gastronomic place to boast for here in our city. Yum! Enough said, it was really my first time to taste the delicious courses Cebu’s Casa Verde had to offer.

Locked behind the side street of Cebu City lies a sort-of ancestral home, probably built in the 20s or 30s based on the architectural structure (Shut up! I don’t care! Just tell us about the food!) 😀 Ok, sorry, I got carried away. haha! Casa Verde is a popular resto for the locals – not to mention their very affordable menu. And I bet the place is always jam-packed every single day!

“Brian’s Ribs” (scary if taken in a literal sense – lol!) Apparently, this was their top-rated food! Amazing Pork Ribs that were baked with a sweet, tangy sauce served with either rice or a mound of mashed potato, corn and carrots.

We had several of their best sellers as well – quite great for sharing in order to have a taste of everything. Behold “Jon Jay’s Steak and Pasta” which is simply a stack of fettuccine sauteed in olive oil and garlic, married to a round steak served with a rich brown sauce called “demi-glace.” Ahhh. Perfect for a blogger on diet. Haha! Oops! 😛 Denial Stage.

“Steak ala John Paul” (not the pope!) – Beef tenderlion cooked to perfection in bacon & mushrooms with a side of mashed potato & vegetable salad.

For our sweet tooth, we had their famous “Lauren’s Lava” which is a simple Chocolate cake with chocolate lava filling stacked generously with vanilla ice cream & a crunchy chocolate coating. To add, “The Pink Panther” is their “Limited Edition” dessert – layers of strawberry ice cream and sponge cake, sitting on a tasty graham crust then dipped in strawberry coating and drizzled with strawberry glaze. Oh the pinkness!

To finish off is a glass of ice-cold Raspberry Iced Tea. Eureka! By the time you head home, you’ll be dozing-off with a food-coma! Thank You Cebu City for altering my diet! More calories to count! Ciao! 😀


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