24 Hours of Starvation!


In case you’ll call the police for a possible suicide attempt, please save your effort. lol! I’m not trying to kill myself – duh? What for? 🙂 I just realized before my stomach began growling (just now) that I had not eaten anything for a day. Seriously! It is amazing that I am still alive and had the energy to blog and tell the world about this! haha! 😀

It is quite a pleasure for me to scratch this off from my Bucket List. Yipee! This one is the first! *Does that awkward happy dance of a weirdo* But really, I did not feel anything, though. Hunger? Nope, not a single bit. It was like I was devouring air! It’s not as comparable to that moment when I was literally pushed to use two long wooden sticks to eat my chicken Teriyaki meal from Rai Rai Ken – a Japanese Restaurant. I was sucking air BIGTIME! Hahahaa! (Sorry because I do prefer using a spoon to pamper myself with great food – but chopsticks are a challenge!)

See what I mean? Chopsticks! My California Maki from Tokyo-tokyo! 🙂

The experience of not eating anything for a day, not even a drink of water (luckily I survived) is something that I am not looking forward to do in the near future. Yes, diet is “eating small portions” but eating nothing is such a stupid decision – even for a Nursing graduate that I am. Geez. I’m sure our bodies were designed to eat – so why alter the default anatomic function? haha! 🙂 Eating is no doubt a wonderful feeling – especially using all of your senses to get satisfied. Hmmm. Food-gasmic as what I would normally say. 🙂

If you are planning to starve yourself to death because you think it is a better way of dieting, think of dehydration, hypoglycemia, think of the psychiatric units that will put you under observation for suicidal ideations. Haha! Fasting and starvation is different, though, but there’s a thin line that they are both related – that’s the lack of food in the system. But hey! A person can survive at least a week of not eating anything because of fat reserves. See? I choose to eat and live anyway so I don’t really care. Ciao! One down and forty to go! 🙂


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