It is Always About Being Trigger-Happy

I could still remember the days when I used to play with different SLR cameras – Pentax, Minolta, Nikon, Canon, and even my father’s Leica. Yes, film! Those that are almost extinct in this digital era – some kids might not have touched an “instamatic” or “polaroid,” I suppose. Those that we were only limited to 12 precious shots, 24, and at the most, 36! Those that we bring to local photo centers to have them printed and to have that glorious moment of seeing your color and composition on hand. Yes. Those were the days of “primitive picture-taking.” (Not that I want to sound old and preachy) 😀

That’s me at Eastwood taking a picture from a worm’s point of view! Lol! 🙂

Now, the breeze of using the digital camera is quite comparable to using an automatic M-16 rifle with several ammos used in a short amount of time. In the digital world, we don’t rely on film anymore – we rely mostly on bytes. haha! Nerd stuff that we all forget – pixels replacing the normal viewfinder of a 1990 camera. Awesome, right?!

That privilege of taking snapshots up to the point where some “Memory Full” pops up on the screen is better than carrying around rolls and rolls of expensive film. Now, we can take pictures without the worries, with only several batteries and extra memory cards to suffice. Anything else purely relies on the talent. Lol! 😛

Stealing some nightshots at Rockwell.

I am using an Olympus digital camera for my day to day documentation – pictures that you always see in this site. Nothing fancy nor something to brag about, though. Haha! Of course I was wondering if they never invented the digital camera. I would have been stuck with a “Point and shoot” type then end up wasting my time lining up to have it developed, scanned and uploaded. Hmm. Technology these days! Ciao! 😀


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