Le Reve Deli and Cafe in Iloilo!

The name is French (obviously because saying it twisted my tongue pretty much haha) which means “The dream coffee from the heart.” Casted under the new building along West Timawa Avenue, Molo, lies a great haven to have your afternoon talk over delicious food and coffee – more like “afternoon fattening escapade.” The ambiance will surely lure you into your typical Paris-coffee-shop setting with all the zebra-striped awning and the facade – beautifully crafted metal furnitures and green plants that add the finishing touches.

The Le Reve that I was blabbering about. 🙂

As you settle inside the cafe, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff (sometimes awkward when you see them smiling for no reason and you end up smiling as well) and an array of delectable treats they proudly offer. Choices between hot or iced coffee, chocolate, and tea, different frappes, mouth-watering smoothies, fruit juices, sandwiches, yummy pasta, green salads, soups, a bunch of appetizers, Filipino or American Breakfast, eggs and omelets, International dishes – I guess the “French” goes here, and best of all, cakes and pastries! Select from any of these and your journey towards a food-gasmic experience (and ultimate weight gain galore) will officially begin!

The Matcha Green Tea Frappe and Silvanas for the soul. Yummmm

Being new to this place, my friends and I asked for their “Best Sellers.” I had an order of their silvanas which caught my eyes when I was looking over the pastries section and they also serve their famous Blueberry Cheesecake which I was not able to taste because it was unavailable at that time. Boo! For drinks, I had their “Matcha Green Tea Frappe” which is really a MUST for you to try when you get the chance to visit! Hot coffee and cold coffee were quickly served on our table. Yum! 😀

My friend Aica enjoying her Iced Cappuccino. 😀

Price range is very affordable compared to a Venti Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks – duh! Heck you could have a complete meal without hurting your wallet. Overall, I would say that this little chunk of Paris will definitely have more people to cater – more mouths to feed too bwahaha. They do have an awesome menu! Of course, I’ll be back to taste everything! Me and my 3D stomach! haha! Ciao! 😀


8 thoughts on “Le Reve Deli and Cafe in Iloilo!

  1. Hi! I just had my lunch at Le Reve. I ordered their Grilled Cheese sandwich and according to my food critic instincts, it fits in the ‘okay’ description. Their Mushrooms al Ajilo however are worth another visit! I should probably do same of ordering house specialties even if they’re a bit pricier, not to mention their Parmesan Fish Fillet

    1. Hi Idavecino 🙂 Yes, the sound of Mushrooms al Ajilo sounds mouth-watering now that you have mentioned it 🙂 Looking forward to your review on that 😀 Thanks for dropping by 😀

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