Eyebags: This or That?

When it comes to pulling off an all-nighter, I am darn qualified to do the job perfectly well. I have mastered the art of staying up for several abnormal hours after the usual bedtime and lived to tell you about it. I conquered my fears of the “ghostly phenomenon” happening in my room because nothing actually happens except a bunch of things falling off the table because everything is not arranged properly. Yes. I am definitely a kick-ass zombie momma! 🙂 haha! Yaaaaay!

Yeah! I am the new “Cyclops” babe! 🙂

The only thing that bugs me is the fact that too much of these late-night-or-morning stints result to never ending folds of these dark puffy bags under my eyes – uhh EYEBAGS! Boom! Ewww! They look hideous and concealers don’t actually work for me because when I sweat, it fades and it leaves this stupid gak all over my face. The solution? Sleep? Heck not for me! haha! Better yet… Good old SUNGLASSES will do the trick! This is my secret! – No wonder I never remove them when I have overworked. hahaha! 😛

I know this is not the ideal way to solve this problem. Of course, I am in the Denial Stage for almost 5 years. What can you expect? Working late has never been this dramatic. All hail for wayfarers that cover up these bags of doom! haha! Haven’t thought of a genius solution for “night” affairs though. *places palm on forehead like a loser* Have a great day guys and gals! Ciao! 😀


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