Annoying Kids On Air!

We all have those days that we get lucky enough to book a flight to a destination that we all wanted. You get your tickets. You get all so excited. You quickly pack your things. Repack your things because you think your luggage is overweight. You rush to the airport and prepare for boarding. You take a nice seat near the window where the sun is there to kiss your cheeks full of joy and your face gleaming with a twist of adventure. (Ok. That’s already over-the-top!) As the plane prepares for take off… you sit back and relax and adore the puffy clouds up up in the air.

My Airport Adventure. 🙂

It is as if you’re having your dream vacation – Oooh! haha! With the sky, the great view of the tiny houses (that looks like you are just playing Monopoly), the sea, and not to mention the vast land (realistic google maps I suppose – lol). A few minutes of comfortable time, you find yourself stuck inside a chamber of lurking chaos… Kids on the other side crying. Diapers oozing with unpleasant baby poo smell. Saliva whisking all over your pretty face. Little baby hands grabbing your stuff and pulling your hair as if it is an elastic toy. Ugh. Others on your back do some karate moves and bang your head until you are ticked off! At first you find them cute, cuddly, and truly heaven’s sent… but driving you nuts… you’d better think twice! haha

Before you look at me as if I’m a wicked witch with no appreciation for children, I beg you not to judge right away. I love kids! I really do. It’s just that these angels (not their fault because they are young and all and their small brains are still under development) have a tendency to really annoy you – BIGTIME! I have nothing “evil” to do to them anyway – I’m not a criminal. lol! I just do crazy flip visuals on my mind of me taping them around their seats and putting some bread on their mouths to shut them up. Haha. Sorry concerned parents. (I bet you don’t want your children to sit beside me) *Evil Laugh*

By the time you arrive at your place of visit… you take that moment to examine these children… all asleep with their “innocent” faces. Great. Just great. Note to self: Raise your future kids well and tell them not to pick on strangers because these strangers will turn into witches and eat them up like tasty gingerbread people. Haha. I just crack myself too much. Have a fantastic flight with these amazing “children.” Ciao! 😀


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