5 Hilarious Spam Comments In This Website!

I write everyday and just now I stumbled upon this great feature in WordPress (Aksimet) that captures comments made by a “non-human” user or what we popularly know as “spam” – not the ones we get to eat. haha! Browsing through these junk files, I began chuckling, and then giggling, and then obviously crying with joy after I made my way down to the 198 comments.

COMMENT # 38 – “Dear lovely husband, thank you for the love, laugh, tears and smile.”

In as much as I would want to be married to the right man at the right age, I never would have wanted guessed that I am perceived to be a husband! hahaha! I don’t even know you. Uhh. Thank you for the love too! You surely made me smile and then have tears all over my face! I wish you are not a woman because that would make this really awkward and ridiculous!

COMMENT # 53 – “We have to ask questions in a way that conform to the laws of physics if we want to get sensible answers.”

Earth to spam… What questions? I was mainly talking about cakes and you reacted about the laws of physics to have answers that should be sensible to you? haha! I love Physics but the only thing I know about it and cakes is basically the projectile of my vomit if i eat too much. There. Sensible enough? hahahaha!

COMMENT # 91 – “You never know, some of these Viagra products could have some kinds of side effects, so you’ll want to look for that too.”

Am I the only person in this world that the spam marked as a man?! lol! Viagra? Seriously?! Not interested sorry.

COMMENT # 103 – “Audio began playing when I opened up this web-site, so irritating!”

Maybe you should have your ears checked because that’s a serious problem. I don’t have any audio in my website. haha! Try checking if you could hear different voices in a quiet room – that should creep you out. 🙂

COMMENT # 176 – “Regards for sharing Transportation with us keep updating bro! Love your article about Transportation.”

Bro?! It’s official! I’m marked as a man by the spam! Yes it is quite obvious. Look at the pictures. Darn do I really look like a man? lol! Seriously? I should have myself checked. haha! I love it when spam thinks I’m not who I am. hahahahaha!

I had an amazing time with these comments! lol! If you own a blog try checking them out. Weird things happen. 🙂 FYI I’m not a boy if that’s what you’re thinking. Ciao! 😀


3 thoughts on “5 Hilarious Spam Comments In This Website!

  1. I stumbled on this one, when I was writing mine tonight on the same subject. Too funny. (they had you on the “related articles”. These SPAM things do crack you up!

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