I Ran A Mile With These Shoes.

These shoes were my pals – now they are all torn and useless! Glad they served their master well! haha!

Being able to get outside your house and enjoying the fresh morning air is very relaxing. I have a lot of “me time” when I am preparing for a quick run everyday. Ahh the “me time” – when you can be all alone with your thoughts and reflections, no worries about current projects, no anxieties, no problems, no responsibilities? (It will still be there but a pause from it would be great!)

Just because I wanted that peaceful time for myself (include the part where I love hearing me breathe in and out in constant rhythm plus the “dog pant” that I do) I have invested a lot of my money and effort on things that are necessary and unnecessary for jogging. To name a few: shoes, comfortable running wear (spandex), accessories, super absorbent socks, hand towels, face towels, foot powder, basically anything! I guess it is better than buying cheesecakes everyday for a week. haha! 😀 Now I need to replace my shoes!

Seriously, some light years ago, I have never thought that jogging would be my solution for weight loss – well, I thought liposuction was cool and all or some miracle slimming pill. haha! 😀 Jogging improved my circulation, gave me stronger muscles, less fatigue and increased my cardio-respiratory endurance. My physical fitness really improved! Clap! Clap! 🙂 I invite you to do the same because those fantastic results are just waiting for you…

Hope you’ll jog with me next time! Ciao! 😀


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