Huge Burgers And Fat Arms That Jiggle

Picture this: You are looking at the mirror and you saw a person wearing a cute tank top and you (among any silly notion) gave yourself a wave – the one that you often do when you say “Hi” or “Hello” kind of hand gesture (or “arm” gesture rather). You are now swinging your arms left and right and the fats begin to flap like large ripples of mushy stuff. Sounds familiar? Oh yes! Let’s call it “flabulous!” – FANTASTIC FLABS! Boooo! 🙂

This is a burger from Carlitos and it is 4 times bigger than a regular burger. Yummy!

The jelly-like movement of the fats around my arms annoy me. Like seriously annoying to the third power! I wanted to get rid of it pronto – aside from the fact that the “belly fat” problem still haunts me up to this point. Haha! I blame everything on the burgers that I have been feasting on since the day people decided to make giant ones! Well, when I was young, pre-obese, and careless about my health, I did not care about calories or fat or exercise as long as I can eat. Lol!

To make things sarcastically exciting, I now know that a regular burger has about 279 calories. It’s whopping when you multiply it by 4 and you get 1116 calories. Darn! So that’s why I have these marshmallows of doom! (pointing at the flabby arms) hahaha! 😀

Muscles make the arms firm and fats make the exact opposite – thus it is soft and it sags! Bam! To solve this problem (which I know a lot of you are experiencing), we need exercise. There are specific routines you can do if you want to tone that part of the body. Thank goodness! It is all about targeting the general muscles and constant exercise will give good results – unless you work out and you eat everything on a buffet table, then you’re up to no good! 🙂

I promise to work on my arms because I hate seeing these things jiggle. What’s more to life than a couple of “fat problems?” hahaha! It is always a challenge! 🙂 Ciao!


8 thoughts on “Huge Burgers And Fat Arms That Jiggle

    1. haha it’s really not that bad. the meat is large – not that it needs to circle the buns to stick out. haha! sorry to disappoint you but it is what it is. have a happy lunch! 🙂

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