When The Human Body Goes Into Overdrive

I really forgot that I have a “human body” to take care of. 😦 Is it just me thinking about the unlimited things I can possibly do with my body? Probably. Yes, I was sick for several days now. Big BOO! My friends and family would blame me for the excessive abuse I always do on myself – as if I had a problem with that haha. I doubted denied it. haha. It’s quite funny when my dad and I would argue about these things I would always close it with “I’m a nurse!” statement. Then he would just be quiet and do an “I-know-but-you-are-overworking” grin. 🙂

I jog 5-6 times a week and I love playing badminton – fatigue. Go figure! 🙂

Alright. He was right. I’m a “little bit” stressed with the work and the “obessive” workout I do in order to have those amazing abs – haha! Excuse me for the ambition. Being a nurse comes in really handy, too. I took care of myself – thank God for the clinical exposure during my 4 years of nursing education. haha! I was able to play a schizophrenic role of being the patient and the nurse all at the same time. Now this defines OVERDRIVE! kidding. 😀

The best part of being sick is the attention you are getting, the delicious food being delivered, and the free time you get to have for your own amusement. In terms of food – aaaack! Everything tastes like paper. So much for the wide selectionYou can’t even have a decent “heavenly” lunch.

Seriously, I’m just telling you how my boring days went. No excitement at all! B-O-R-I-N-G blog post. Ugh. Wait until I fully recover and the perky personality will surprise you! 🙂 Ciao healthy ones! 🙂


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