Perks of Being an Octopus in a Box

Doing website development in the wee hours of the morning (inside my room) surrounded by piles of papers with sketches and structured designs for execution – made me feel as if I am trapped in a box (like seriously shoebox box!) haha! Not to mention I am fond of doing a lot of things all at the same time! To give you a simple example, here’s me in action:

Well, I don’t really want a purple-colored skin but this will do for a cartoon. haha

My dad hates it when he catches me being awake (still) by the time he gets out of bed and prepare for a day in his office. Imagine both our timezones overlapping! 😉 After several months he really doesn’t care anymore as long as I get my 8 hours of “normal” sleep that would be fine for him. I really wonder if he thinks I browse porno instead of “working” – could he? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah 😀 hahaha Just a thought, though.

It’s funny that I find this time – where every single person in the house is enjoying their fantasy dreamland, so comfortable to work with. No phone calls, no emergencies, no errands. It’s just me and the computer (plus several other work that needs to be done). But somehow, I kinda feel like so alone. It’s like I’ve been married to the computer for so long… Apparently, that’s NEVER gonna happen, ever!

Friends tag me as being the “workaholic” of the group – I suppose I am. I want things to go the way they are and I want everything organized – else, I’ll go kookoo and you’ll get annoyed. 🙂 Enough said, “Coffee keeps me alive – always!” I manage to do errands in the morning as well as client consultations. But when it’s 7pm, that’s when I roll and get comfy with my octopus self inside a white box.

I should seriously get my “timezone” updated. I don’t feel like I live in the Philippines anymore. Lol! Ciao! 😀


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