I Just Wanted A Bikini Body With Wonderful Abs

Nothing beats a “close-to-impossible” dream and moreover such a gigantic ambition that I really wanted to achieve before I start having wrinkles and white hair. lol. Sometimes All the time I joke around saying that my “magical” abs are hiding beneath my abdominal fats – which is technically true (anatomically speaking). I dunno. Truth be told, I wanted to see myself without the extra flabs, without the “soft cushion” so to speak. That’s why I am quite determined to carve my body the way that I wanted it to be. haha! 😀

Just saying “Hi” to Nemo at the Boracay Island waters. Look! My black bikini top! Woooah!

I guess I have never had that feeling of being “slim.” Haha! So that’s why I’m working my butt off for that “sense of fulfillment” thing. Hats off to those who never had to even try to have the body that I wanted because they were born oh-so-perfect! Jealous me… 🙂

Shedding off pound by pound each and everytime I get the chance of sweating and dieting, I completely felt in control. This commitment might take long but I am very sure that the results will be promising. I’m doing everything I can to please myself and no one could ever stop me – but sometimes cakes could!

It is not as easy as a wish being granted by any fairy, or a miracle done by a slimming pill, or maybe being abducted by aliens to become their test subject in order to have those abs you see on television or in magazines! It starts with the “I will do this for me” spirit. Then the rest of the stupid-crazy things follow. 😉

I may sound desperate but I’m just being honest. Who doesn’t want a beach body – complete with a sizzling bikini and a to-die-for abs? Haha! I’m just saying… Ciao! 😀


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