You Don’t Have to Be Sweet to be Attacked by Ants

“I’m innocent! What did I do to deserve this?” After I had my easy breezy bath today, I pulled my towel from the rack and wrapped it around my body – believing that it was gonna be a great day. Until… a few nanoseconds later, I felt a small prickly feeling from my legs, then my arms, then growing in exponential speed, I was covered with red ants! Aaaaaah! The horror! Left and Right, Up and Down, banging myself on the wall because of the “systemic itchiness” I had – I thought I’ll die! Lol!

Yeah. Need I say more? 🙂

Oh, the funny things in life. Imagine being covered with a million ants! Could you survive it?! Well, if you’re not allergic to ant bites then you’ll be fine. Wait, millions?! It’s a death-sentence! haha! Ciao! 😀


6 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be Sweet to be Attacked by Ants

  1. haha. just reminds me of a similar incident. My bro was taking us to dinner in a new place he found. So I took a bath, got dresses, lip gloss (essential lol) and was excited. When I sat in the car, I found a Red Ant on my dress…. I killed it (omagosh em a killer)

    Then i saw another red ant over me…. Then another and then…..aaaaaaahhhhhhh…..THERE ARE ALL ANTS OVER ME

    I literally panicked in the car and scream until it was time that someone slapped and got me to my self ( no one did that thankfully).

    We got home and I took another shower and for the next 3 hours I still felt there were ants crawling over me…. lol

    1. thank you for sharing, aisha! wow. yours is probably funnier! lol. i had a lot of ant bites and yes it felt like they were still crawling over… everywhere! tiny creatures but when they attack in number… oh my! 🙂

  2. Ant bites can be serious, or even fatal. Angry ants will swarm upon anything in their path and begin to bite if their mounds are disturbed. Every year, millions of people are bitten by ants in the United States alone. Knowing how to treat ant bites is important, even if the only reaction you have is mild.^

    Please do find out more about this useful web site

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