Who Else Wants To Start 2012 With No Money?

Ok. It’s 2012 and it will pretty much be a fresh start among all of us. No more college and no more allowances from parents to depend on. Boooo! It’s the effin reality of post grad life, people! Aren’t you afraid? Haha! To make things even more miserable for me, I’m “unable-to-pay-for-things-that-I-really-really-want” broke! Tell that to the ones who know how to take care of their money and they’ll slap me for being such a big failure. I guess I’ll be starting from scratch. It’s a huge challenge… I think. 😦

Cab fares are so out of this world right now! Long before I was the “queen of the cabs” – because it’s my only transportation of “comfort.” Now, I could not afford to ride it everyday! Aaack!

I, for one, am not enjoying the fact that I don’t know how to save. Heck, I honestly don’t know how to manage my finances. I like buying “unimportant” things and I love riding our local cabs since I don’t know how to drive and knowing that I don’t have a car plus money for gas. These problems revolve around me and I am not even 30 yet! I’m 21 for goodness sake! 🙂

On a brighter side of things, I’m passively training myself to become independent. Ya-uh. Take note! I’m pretty confident that I could let this pass with a multitude of solutions. You see, I have goals. I want to travel more often this year. I want to increase my sales. I want to design and give my all to the things that I am passionate about. So what if I’m broke? It’s an obstacle every person needs to undergo. I’m not alone and I am certainly making a move for it.

So, do you want to start your 2012 with no money? At least you have options. I really don’t. haha! Ciao! 😀


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