What Everybody Ought to Know About The Iloilo City Night Life

You could not just graduate from college without having the time of your life with friends, random “friendly” people, and hot DJs! I have friends in college that really enjoy a pitcher of cocktail mix, some ice, adrenaline-kicking music, crazy dancing, and a night to treasure. It is what it is. Partying is already an overused term for teenagers and certainly for young-adults! Bam! 🙂

The Smallville Complex is the place to be if you want to have that Ilonggo Night Life worthy experience! Check us out! haha!

Here’s what you need to know:


For your gastronomic cravings, here’s the line up of a great dine in the Smallville Complex : Freska, Krua Thai, Afrique’s, Amalfi, Bauhinia, Maki, Mohave Grill, Ramboy’s, and Bourbon Street. Yummy!


Either during a weekday or a jam-packed weekend party, you should remember the acronym FAM which stands for the three popular dance clubs in the complex namely Flow Superclub, Aura, and MO2 Ice. Dress well and dance like there’s no tomorrow because these clubs will definitely unleash that wild side in you! And you’ll never know when a celebrity would show up. Stalking much? haha!


Alcohol. The one that gets you drunk and make you do crazy things like shout at the waiter that he is ugly! Have your pick in any of these establishments that offer an array of booze, wine, and mixed drinks to hype things up : MO2 Bar, Club 21, B place, Picanto, Pirates, Rooftop Brewery, Freska, Bourbon Street, Griller’s Oyster Bar, JAQ’s, Go Mart, and Tuki. Fill ’em up booze drinkers!


Oooops! This is the part where I sing my heart out and not caring about what people think! haha! Smallville blurts KTV Bars to accommodate your “singing expertise” lol. To name a few, we have MO2 Annex, Smallvile 21, and Pirates. Do your thang and I will listen!


This is my thing. No night is complete without a hot cup of coffee. Grab these lovely drinks from Coffee Break, Kopi Roti, and Pietro Kaffee! To pair with, visit Nothing But Desserts!

My College life was a blast! I miss my friends so much! Oh well. Lalalala-life still goes on!

Talk about Iloilo’s popular night out place. What do you think of Smallville? 🙂 Ciao!


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