Diet always starts Tomorrow.

Now that the eat-tons-of-food-during-the-week-long-holiday is practically over, it is high time for me to focus on my ultimate goal of having a bikini slimmer body. True, I got the additional pounds. And since the first day of January is actually a huge celebration for all the people in this world (where the word “diet” is not an excuse), I just had to let it slip. So, for the remaining 364 days of 2012, this DIET PROJECT of mine is seriously on! I mean, capital S – Seriously!

I have weight issues. I love food but I want to lose these extra fats on my belly, thighs, and almost everywhere! Aaaaack!

All my life I have never experienced that ultimate feeling of being thin. Like the ease of buying something from the department store that fits you at first hand and never ask for a bigger size. I always belong to the chubby children, pre-obese kid, fatty, ball-shaped body, and the rest of the labels that I personally have encountered. I was teased and laughed at when I was a young girl. And growing up with that memory of horrible people laughing still haunts me up until this day. 😦

That is the reason why I obsessively want to make a lifestyle change. I have proven to myself that I can do it. Plus, I can do even better the next time around. I guess I want to make it possible to obtain a desirable body without shortcuts – only perseverance, discipline, hope, and dash of humor. lol! This 2012 should be a great year to focus on health and wellness! 

What’s up on my sleeve? Read on.

#1 : The simple rule of LESS carbohydrates and MORE protein.

#2 : Rehydration – the ones with no sweeteners. Plain and simple H2O. Ahhh.

#3 : Run because you want to sweat!

#4 : SPORTS is a great addition to the program – tennis, badminton, etc.

#5 : Always remember to REST.

#6 : Donate blood! It’s a great way to share and to lose weight at the same time! Trust me.

#7 : Do everything with flaming passion!

Join me as I get in touch with the “sexy” person hiding beneath these slates of body fat! haha! Let’s make health our extreme wealth. Nothing is better than a pat on your back for a job well done. Success will definitely start with mincing steps full of effort! Boom! I’ll be in a bikini in no time! haha! Ciao! 😀


2 thoughts on “Diet always starts Tomorrow.

  1. The holidays is the time for everyone to indulge, that little break from exercise and eating healthy. I know I’ve indulged a little too much lol! just remember to still be happy first and foremost! 🙂

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