A Fat Sandwich and The 2011 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

While waiting for the “big” Christmas Celebration of Jesus Christ, I was on my bed, eating a pre-midnight snack and practically my eyes were locked on the idiot box I was enjoying myself ‘coz the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was on TV! So yeah, gorgeous models with their oh-so-expensive lingerie strut their way to entertain everybody – flashes of light, great music, and just pure entertainment. Did I mention that I was also eating? – More like a hungry pig waiting for the next meal. LOL!

Too much “obsessive” dieting could lead to death! So, I’d rather eat! Voila! The Stages of Weight Loss! Haha!

Boo. Holidays make me sick because there’s this thing in my mind that tells me to stop eating and my hungry self would tell me to eat because it looks and smells delicious. As usual, temptation came, and well, the battle between pros and cons led the senses to win this time. I was horrendously sucking up all the food – ho ho ho! 🙂 Well, I believe that this won’t be a big problem anyway. So I ate. It’s that simple.

Looking at the Victoria’s Secret angels, I was so envious of their perfectly-sculpted bodies that I decided to take my “last” bite of the fat sandwich. Haha! I told myself to “drop that now or the thighs will get bigger!” lol! And I did! Thank goodness! And then I ate again because I said to myself “I am too dumb not to pass this day without food!” Haha! Hilarious change of decision!

Somehow, I could seriously call this as the “idiot’s guide to battling with food.” Hope you had fun with your Christmas! 🙂 I know I did! Ciao! 😀


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