We’re Throwing You a Kick-ass Party, Papa Jesus!

It’s Your birthday today, dear Jesus, and still You managed to give us the greatest gift of all – Love! Ahh, sweet LOVE.

I wonder how “cool” Jesus would be like if He lived in the 21st Century – with us of course! He must have shaved his face and put on those aviator shades and drive a sedan of His choice. He may throw the biggest party in the world to commemorate His “awesomeness” in saving us from sin. Jesus might be the “best-seller” in billboards endorsing the Holy Bible while doing his signature smile. Maybe we could ask for His autograph and tell Him how much we love Him. Just wondering, though. But it would be too cool to see him with the paparazzi or DJ-ing on famous party places. Wow. He’s the Divine Man!

Pretty much hyped up because today is Papa Jesus’ birthday! Yay! What more could we offer Him but our overflowing love, right? So we cook delicious “calorie-packed” pasta, extra succulent cucumbers on ravishing sandwiches, ham, meatloaf, rum cakes, maybe some cookies, fruit punches, and bottles of wine! We celebrate with our families and friends and somehow let Him know that He is that special to create a worldwide celebration! From my family to yours, A Smashin’ Merry Christmas! 🙂

I hope Heaven’s internet connection is working fine. Hopefully, Jesus would be happy to read this! 🙂 Ciao! 


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