Sweat Like A Pig!

Well, pigs don’t actually sweat. Seriously, they don’t. That’s why they are still big, fat, pigs –  full of tasty, calorie-overloaded lard when eaten either grilled or fried this Holiday Season. I am really battling the build up of the pounds these days. My head is aching, like, crazy decisions – to eat or not to eat a peanut coated brownie, or how about a delicious vanilla glazed, banana-walnut cake? Sorry dear thighs. You should have me arrested for having a romantic interest with, what else? FOOD! Dammit. (Oops. It’s cursing if there’s an n lol!) 😀

Running around the city to dissolve those adipose tissues is no use if you are tempted by the food during Christmas. Like, do you really have a choice?

I could still remember what we had last December. Loads of honey glazed ham with oozing golden sauce on top, an indulgent large-scale bowl of Italian spaghetti complete with basil and cheese, not to mention the decadent serving of various cakes – as if we were reserving them for the birthdays to come, and who could ever forget the basket of crispy chicken legs, shanghai rolls, pork barbecue, and all the grease and guilty pleasures! Ahh Christmas. It’s that time of year that we get to – eat and DIE OF GUILT! Well, for me at least.

Two non-productive weeks ago, I challenged myself to lose 6 kilograms. Guess what? I didn’t lose 6, but I managed to shed off 3 stinkin’ kilos. Boo. 😦 Discipline was not in my system – it was never there. My father was bringing home tons of food – from moist carrot cakes to veggie burgers to shrimp paste, to 1.5 liters of Coca-cola (which makes me drool when it is chilled to perfection). Ugh! I hate it! I hate it because I have this “Sure, I’ll eat this and that but tomorrow I’ll double my jogging effort” mentality which in turn doesn’t work AT ALL. It’s too much. 😦

So much for my rants. What to do? A few days more before the New Year and I really don’t want to look like porky pig. haha! Whatever. I will make sure I will survive Christmas. And I hope someone could give me something useful this time – like maybe a new pair of running shoes? Oh, Please. I need to sweat and I would love to sweat like a pig. Geez! Hoping that the Christmas Feast will not get to you! haha! Ciao! 😀


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