A “Not So” Merry Little Christmas

It’s very frustrating to see how the weather could actually cause permanent damage to many families here in the Philippines (Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City, and Dumaguete). Well, it is not new to us that the recent tropical storm that hit the country last December 17, “Sendong” swallowed up a multitude of innocent human beings, devoured several properties, and has caused a lot of alarm to the concerned citizens this time of year – around 957 dead and 49 missing.

Here I was – proud to show the world the beauty of this city. This is at the Boulevard of Dumaguete City with a sunny crisp view of the sea. Photo was taken a week before the storm hit.

This was devastating to watch when I tuned into the daily news – children buried in murky waters, dead bodies floating… I was so sad not mainly because many died, but obviously people did not expect this to happen to them. It’s as if you were suddenly blinded by the reality that somewhere, sometime, somehow – things just happen and end in a split second. I’m one with prayer to all of these families who lost their members and for those who we’re painfully affected by this calamity.

I’m thankful that on a brighter side, many survived the “World’s deadliest storm in 2011.” I could even recall what the storm (Typhoon Frank) did to Iloilo City last 2008 – where it is quite similar to what had happened earlier (only that it is more powerful – category 3 typhoon) and many were dead. Gladly, several organizations decided to extend their help to us.

This was during the tropical storm last December 17 still at the Boulevard of Dumaguete City. Compare that to the one above. Tsk. 

Now, I could really see how the Philippines could stand on it’s feet. When people are in need, we help through donations and physical assistance. For the fortunate, they give more and extend their help by soliciting, organizing fundraisers, and other projects – even the different media got involved – little by little, we can do things to make even a littlest of change.

I admire many talented individuals who gave so much just to provide for the needs of these people. I admire those who are now organizing fundraising concerts to show their support to the affected ones. For the telecommunications for simplifying the modes of donation and even to couriers for not adding shipping fees to those who are willing to give their clothes to the victims.

In the spirit of MAGIS, here’s the prayer that St. Ignatius of Loyola taught us:

Dearest Lord, teach me to be generous; teach me to serve you as you deserve; to give and not to count the cost; to fight and not to heed the wounds; to toil and not to seek for rest; to labor and ask not for reward; save that of knowing that I do; Your most Holy Will. Amen.

This is the true spirit of Christmas. We can do this, Philippines! We can really do this. It’s not too late to give. It’s never too late. Ciao readers! 😦


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