When People Read What I Wrote

Clearly, I have been putting up different posts in this site and well, pairing them with pictures and stupid cartoons just to entertain myself. I reached 40 articles a few days ago! I was so proud and ecstatic that after patting my own back for a job well done, I immediately wrote more to compensate for my awkward happiness – as if I won an award or something. Lol! 🙂

Ok. I get a little too dramatic “behind the scene!” 😀 This is how I go about things on my blog. Haha!

It’s good to hear from my dear friends that they are reading the stuff I publish online – I don’t require them to read you know. But that’s really supportive of them. (You guys deserve a shout out! Love You!) 😀 I actually thought that this blog of mine was an extension of my subconscious mind since I do all the talking and it’s as if I am blabbering too much in front of the mirror. Needless to say, for every comment I received, it was such a big honor! BIG HONOR! In fact, I do a little happy dance to spice up that feeling.

When I write, I don’t care about the grammar or the organization of the paragraphs – no offense to my past grammar teachers (Admit it! I did great when I was your student! haha). This is different. As long as you deliver your message clearly to the people (if there are any that has the time to read this, of course) it would be a success. Comments and Shares are just “little” add-ons that make us, writers, feel good about ourselves. Not that I sound so desperate. 8) Haha!

I really appreciate you reading my quirky stories or even my pointless discussion about anything. I’m a regular human being bombarded with stress and GREAT experiences worth sharing – plus that chunk of sarcasm. So, please, just cut me some slack and let me blow my brains by writing. Haha! Here’s to the 40+ posts that I have written (and the 40+ posts that you might have not read or even thought of reading!) hahaha! I love kidding myself! Ciao! 🙂


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