Insecurities that Drive me Crazy

I have issues. Boom! There you go! lol! Well, not the kind where you’d quickly observe in psychiatric patients – it’s really not that. Sometimes I think it is more of over reacting rather than dealing with little or maybe many flaws of myself. I don’t know the real deal quite frankly, but I do know that for some point in time, I tend to be insecure of a lot of things – a spur of the moment happening, I guess. We all have those “days.”

This is me saying “Loooook. She’s soooo preeeeee-tttttttyyyyyyyy.” Hahaha!

The way the media presents the “perfect skin” or the “perfect smile” – whatever noun found in our bodies attached to the adjective “PERFECT” lets you see yourself in the mirror and think of the many “What ifs” you may have done to achieve that perfection. Ok. That’s insecurity. The kind where you felt a raging lack of self confidence and a disturbing self-image instability. Haha! Boo commercial media!

I admit that there’s a point in my life that I thought about how weird I look or how unlucky I am not to have that height, or that I was both “horizontally and vertically” challenged, or that I am not pretty enough, I’m not good enough, I’m not convincing enough, I’m not smart enough, or that I don’t have the best set of eyes, or the nose that is not well-defined, or maybe a good set of teeth. It is what it is. And it freaks me out knowing that I have even thought of it. Does this mean I am losing my self confidence? No!

Firmly, I don’t think you could live a better life if you are stuck with these insecurities. People will tell you “You are perfectly imperfect.” Yes, we indeed are. But it all boils down again to the fact that those icons with the so-called “perfect physique” are haunting us. The best thing to do? Shut the TV off and tell yourself that “So what? If I was on TV now I would be the envy of many. But I have no time for TV because I have a fantastic life to live!” Lol! Ok I’m just boosting my ego! Life goes on and sometimes shit happens. Ciao! 😀


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