If Santa Claus went on a Diet

It just sinked in that a few days from now we will be celebrating Christmas – which is a time to remember the birth of the Lord, our Savior (Who is so cool sacrificing His life for us to save us from our sins!). But then, with the integration of the Western culture, we have St. Nicholas who is popularly known as the old fat man with a white beard and gold-framed round reading glasses, has a red coat and a black belt – not the taekwondo belt, who eats cookies and milk, drives a herd of reindeer, carries our gifts inside a magical bag, and can amazingly fit in chimneys. Haha!

Why is “Ho, ho, ho!” so popular? Can’t he just say “Merry Christmas?!” Haha! just a thought.

When I was a kid – say 6 years young, every Christmas I would pray that Santa could give me what I wanted. I would write him a letter using crayons and a big piece of clean paper – saying “Santa, please give me a Barbie Doll! I was a good girl after all!” Yeah, yeah. I was a child then. I really believed he existed and one Christmas Eve I wanted to talk to him. So I patiently waited at our living room near the decorative tree. I fell asleep and when I had the chance to open my eyes, I saw my father putting my gift right there and then. Alright. So, no Santa?! Boo! 😦

Devastated as I felt, I embraced the fact that Santa is just a character used to fill the minds of the young so that they could enjoy Christmas, and well, parents to busy themselves by buying gifts and toys. That doesn’t mean the Christmas Spirit is gone. No way!

I would like to think that Santa is still real. Not the fat man that we come to know him of. Surely it might have occurred to him that he’s getting fat and also getting too old to do his job. Maybe if he did some exercising and diet as well, or have the elves help him with his obesity, to effectively do his yearly routine, I would definitely sit on his lap and have my picture taken! It will be nice to see a “Sexy, Hot, Sizzling Santa” during future holidays. Teens would really love this! haha! Ciao! 😀


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