The Art of Procrastination.

So I got up early in the morning with high hopes of finishing everything in my “to-do-list” practically enthusiastic and ready to whip some pieces of art (and by art I mean websites, posters, and other related designs). Imagining this scene is quite the little perfect day everyone is dreaming of completing. But with a brush of procrastination – the seven things in your paper (well, in my paper actually) will result to zero productivity. Boo-you-sudden-emergence-of-crisis!

Ok. So procrastination is an act of doing not so important activities in order to avoid doing the obvious, urgent, and important task. To me it is sort of “delaying” the work by focusing on other nonsense things – which, I am secretly known for (in some cases). Hahaha! Hey? I’m not the only one doing it. We all have those momentary back logs too, you know – if not, then are you really human? lol 😀

“I’m ready to finish this!” – imagine Spongebob saying that annoying “I’m Ready. I’m Ready!” on TV hahaha! I cracked my knuckles with a noticeable willingness of finishing my work and by the time that I opened the files in my trusty computer named Chester, I began playing some cool new Christmas songs on my ipod. I told myself “Great! You are actually trying to do this.” Then insanity struck. Hello la-zi-ness.

I walked around. I decided to have coffee (2 cups straight up!). I went to the mall to check for Holiday Sales. I visited my dad’s office. I went up and down the sky walk. I tried singing? Yuck. I visited a bookstore with tons of good finds. I called up a friend while purchasing a new steno notebook. I checked my watch and it was 3 hours of waste. Sheesh! There you go! 😛

What can I say? Blame that on Psychological anxiety and some irrational beliefs blah-blahs. Haha! Even writing this is procrastinating. Ciao, non-procrastinator! 😀


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