Kwek-kwek by the dozen

Goin’ gaga over these popular Philippine street food! Taken at Dumaguete, Philippines.

That delicious and ooh-sarap flavor of the local orange balls we see being sold on sidewalk pushcarts may probably be from the smoke and airborne particulates from the environment HAHA – implying that STREET FOODS are better than HOME MADE ONES (which FYI usually taste like soap!). Popularly known as “kwek-kwek,” these deep fried, orange-batter-dipped, boiled quail eggs, combined with a sweet and spicy sauce will lure you to a conscience full of tremendous guilt.

Why the guilt? As you can see, devouring these HIGH CHOLESTEROL eggs, well, might give you a reason to have your health monitored regularly. In fact, quail eggs hold thrice as much cholesterol as a regular chicken egg. Creepy, right? Not to mention that these eggs were drowned into a hot pan of boiling oil – consider the grease and the fat that you pump into your POOR body. Haha!

If you have not tried these due to some circumstances that when you were young your “protective and concerned” mom told you never to eat those things prepared on the streets which (were filled with bacteria and other squirmy details) she might have included, then you are missing A HUGE CHUNK OF FILIPINO CULTURE! 🙂

Take one ball and that’s it. You don’t need to be like me who is a certified kwek-kwek lover. Hehe! Ciao street-foodie! 😀


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