Swimming on top of a Hill.

This is a review about the talk of the town, I guess. I was curious of that “amazing place” that they have mentioned. And you won’t even believe a thing that I just wrote on the title of this post, right? Maybe you are thinking of how could she possibly swim on a hill? Boo. The cool thing about this adventure is that you had the whole place to yourself and relaxation is really your mantra of the day. Oh yeah!

Arrrgh. I’m ‘zi Pirate who just ruined a pair of wayfarer sunglasses. Great landscape view at Damires’ Hills!

Going up to this place of wonder takes about an hour from the city via a local jeepney transport and of course a short rocky road tricycle drive from the Janiuay Plaza. It was a gloomy Thursday morning when we packed our things and went off for a trek. It’s a weekday so we really expected a few guests at the resort and surprisingly, we were the ONLY guests there! Me and my friends RJ and Lica had a great and happy time chillaxin’ and embracing nature’s beauty. Drama? Nah! 😀

It was a place of lush green grass, tropical trees and fruit trees, blooming flowers, fresh air, and vast rice plantation. It looks as  though every photograph is a postcard shot in every single angle. The pool amazingly caught our eyes including the contrast of the blue and green. Not your typical scene compared to a seascape back, but it works. The resort has a lot of huts to get acquainted to, cottages and a bar for convenience. They even have rooms for night bookings. Such a place to collect your inner peace. Oh and the FOOD was great and very affordable! Coffee and “turon” worked best for me! Haha. Did I mention that they have ziplines there too? Oh how wonderful life is if it thrives with simplicity.

Yes, I am swimming on a hill. Good thing we don’t have an underwater cam. Else, you’ll see my body “flaws” (fats) lol!

If you are feeling stressed, a few ways to make you feel better is a quick dive on a hill, friends, and comfort foods. Don’t mind my brown bikini. I seriously hate the fact that my well-carved abs are still hidden beneath my abdominal fats! LOL! Ciao little mermaids! 🙂


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