Rockstar Stalking: An Experience.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect something like this to happen! Sure, rock concerts are great when you expect your eardrums to explode – especially if you are standing right next to a 30-foot-tall super woofer sound system! Well, Tanduay had it’s “First 5” 2011 Concert Tour (apparently Iloilo was the last place in their schedule) at the Iloilo Sports Complex last December 3. OMG and we were there to witness that night of ROCK and RAIN just a few feet in front of the stage.

The bands present were  ChicoSci, Kamikazee, Wolfgang, Sandwich and Parokya ni Edgar. (photo credits to Princes)

Among the thousands who flocked the whole venue, the three of us placed ourselves nearest to the performance area with the hopes of meeting my friends’ idol, Miggy of Philippines’ hit OPM band, Chicosci. I’m simply clueless because I am an avid fan of JAZZ MUSIC, which is quite the TOTAL opposite of the rock genre. So there I was standing between my two friends that are dying-hard-fans-of-Miggy, holding two umbrellas over our heads in order for them to take pictures while the water rush had no plans of ceasing.

The pouring rain drenched us with freezing droplets from the heavens above. It was like we were taking a shower from a gigantic nimbus cloud at 9 in the evening. Poor unprepared fans wrapped their cameras and mobile phones with their hankies and they placed all of their things inside a garbage bag. They are fans and NO STORM could ever stop them from jumping and shouting like little rascals! Oh my!

My “stalker friends” Luchille and Princes. Haha! Drenched and soakin’ wet during the concert.

While hearing a lot of “I LOVE YOU CHICOSCI” and “WOW! WOW! MORE! MORE!” screams, I just stood there – observing the people, observing the performances, and holding the umbrella. Haha! My friends were ENJOYING and so did I. It is in Rock Concerts like this that I get to see noticeable jugular vein distention from the performers as they shout the lyrics of their songs without me even understanding anything. Sorry, Boo me for NOT being a rock music lover. Of course I did my head bangs and rock gestures. I even appreciate hearing all those words uttered like “F*UCK” and “SH*T.” Amazing expressions! 😀

To cut this LONG story short, we bid farewell to the concert grounds after the most awaited performance of the Chicosci Band (second to Wolfgang) and went to a friend’s house to change and start the “STALKING SPREE” since we already know where the stars are spending the night. Call it creepy 🙂 Lol. So I borrowed some dry clothes and then began our crazy adventure.

We arrived at the Westown Hotel all dried up and well, excited to have pictures taken with Miggy as proof that we succeeded the rockstar stalking edition of the month. Eeek! We waited at a nearby cafe (at the lobby just to have a view if they are really there) and ordered coffee to keep the time running. A white van came and it is what it is! THE CHICOSCI is in the building. Suddenly there were flashes of light and people running to grab that photo opportunity. We failed! Boo.

The Ilongga meets Miggy Chavez. It was such an opportunity. Thank you dear “stalker-friends” hahaha! A night to remember.

Life has second chances, right? So we waited and waited and waited at the same cafe until MIGGY APPEARED with no fans in sight. We hurriedly ran towards him and yes we HAD PICTURES! WE WON! WE DID IT HOORAY!? That was that and when we were about to leave, we still had a bag of goodies to give and the time that I wanted to enter the establishment to pee, the man that my friends were crazy about was just inside eating his dinner in the wee hour of the morning. Our friend gave him the gift and she had a smile beyond compare.

I was very pleased with this experience. Tagging along with friends and meeting a person loved by many was an extreme honor. Ok, ok. And I have to admit that Miggy was is hot. Period. Ciao Rocker Fans! 🙂



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