Experiment 1.0: Eating like CRAZY!

Eating without consequences? I was very curious of the human body if it is really possible to gain so much weight in 2 weeks and lose them all again  in 2 weeks. A month long experiment with a total abuse of self and now I am blogging because I am halfway there. Well, the first half of the experiment was really EASY to do since it involves a typical sedentary lifestyle with loads of KFC chickens, buckets of rice, large amounts of gravy, softdrinks, and everything that my heart was screaming for (count in those pizza, pasta, more pizza, more ham, more cakes, food, food,  food, and whatever!). I GOT TO EAT MY FAVORITE TREATS IN TWO WHOLE WEEKS! I KNOW? Shut up. haha!

Literally pushing the limits of my poor experimental body. Haha! Life Lessons I guess? LOL.

The result? Heavier, wider, “fatter” as in adipose tissue build up on my thighs, upper arms, and of course, the face! Well, nobody is happy with this! Not even my father who bluntly said that I gained weight. Hooray for the experiment! Boo-hoo for my figure. I’m not even “thin-looking” when I started. Such a bold move, moron! hahahaha! K.

Now as I look at myself being reflected by the HONEST mirror, I could see a cow (maybe not but somehow similar? haha). I took measurements and starting tomorrow morning, the second half will be implemented. Wish me luck so that I could shed off those excess calories in my fat self. Hahaha! Or else, I will remain PLUMP this Holiday Season. Oh no!!!

Two weeks of vacuuming my plates so clean using my trusty mouth and the rest of my digestive system, I am now weighing 58kgs (compared to my previous weight of 52kgs). That’s a 6 kilogram-gain! And instead of a oval shaped head, it is now a big slop of roundness plus the growing chubby chin. Haha! This is going well. Something like a human sacrifice for people to get entertained and for my own amusement as well. Crazy, I know! 😀

To those who were reading my previous posts about how I was able to lose a hefty amount of weight, you now know that the method I used was just jogging and regular diet. Tomorrow, I will be bombarding myself with purely fruits and vegetables (preferably raw), lots and lots of water, excessive workout (cycling, more jogging, and additional exercises), and PRAYER that I could lose the 6kgs. I’ll keep you updated and in case I end up UNSUCCESSFUL with this experiment, call my family! LOL! Please don’t try this. Haha! Ciao! 🙂


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